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Introducing NavTrax: Your Low Cost Bridge to Automation

Automate your Vehicles for as Little as One Dollar a Day. NavTrax provides inexpensive vehicle tracking, basic back office interfacing, and automatic capturing of gallons pumped at an incredible price. Click here for more information.

New! Flexible Routing System!

The new flexible routing system lets you quickly display a day's deliveries on a map. Then, you can draw a line around the trips you want to group and press a button to optimize the route to those deliveries. Once you have created your optimized route you can assign it to a driver. Click here for more details about the features and benefits of the Flexible Routing System.

The MoblTec Energy Delivery System (MEDS)

The MoblTec Energy Delivery System (MEDS) offers the most advanced propane and fuel oil delivery system on the market today. The color touch screen on-board computers and integrated mobile Zebra printers will immediately boost the efficiency and accuracy of your drivers.

Propane truck

MoblTec map screen

These highly intuitive truck systems are designed to make your drivers more efficient by applying technology solutions such as mapping, high speed wireless LAN communications, electronic register interfaces, GPS, real-time communications, AVL, and others to increase your profits.

Deliver More Gallons Each Day


Maps In Vehicle

Gets drivers to their customers faster. Routes are completed more efficiently.


Touch Screen Computer

Data collection is fast. Drivers have all the information they need. Less time spent on paperwork.


Bottom Line Results

Accuracy and Efficiency increase while customer complaints are reduced, resulting in higher profits.


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